On golden pond Movie shows life with the Laumanns was not always as smooth as Silken

by RANDY STARKMAN  (Toronto Star)

June 15, 1996


Nancy Sakovich (Destiny Ridge), who plays Laumann, said she was proud to be involved in the project.
“There are so many tragic real-life stories on TV these days. Lately, it`s kids murdering their parents and things like this. This is so clearly a real-life story that`s positive, uplifting, life-affirming.“
Sakovich had two and a half weeks to learn to row under the tutelage of coach Dominic Kahn of the Bayside Rowing Club in Toronto. She`s obviously a quick study. Unlike actors in many sports movies, Sakovich is believable as an athlete – she does 85 per cent of the rowing in the movie.
Still, Sakovich admits there were days where she was so exhausted that she wondered if she could pull it off.
“I had never set foot in a scull in my life, never contemplated it,“ said Sakovich.
“It was definitely a challenge to do it. I thought it was quite perfect for the role. This story is so much about her personal challenge, and I was leading this mini parallel, trying to get myself up to speed and believability in my rowing ability.“


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