Doctor in the House

By Bob Paxman (Source: Country Weekly)

Mar 19, 2002



Director Larry McLean pumps Billy Ray with some last-minute instruction. “Walk through the corridor like it’s a normal day — then stop dead in your tracks.” That’s because the first sight Billy Ray’s character sees is Dr. Weston (played by Nancy Sakovich), which triggers an embarrassing moment.
“And … action!” shouts the director.
“Oh … no!” exclaims Clint, remembering the planned date with his fellow doc that he’d forgotten.
“Oh … yes!” she fires back.
“Was that OK?” Billy Ray asks, shrugging his shoulders.
The director nods, but offers a suggestion: “Don’t anticipate her being there. You have to be taken completely off guard.”
Billy Ray gives it another shot, and this time he’s dead-on perfect. His co-star smiles and leads the cast in a round of applause.
“This crew is great,” says Billy Ray after he wraps the scene. “They’re all experienced, professional actors, but they go out of their way to help me out and encourage me.”

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