Actress Finds Her Destiny

by Carol June
The Times (Nanaimo,British Columbia,Canada)
November 27, 1993


Standing waist-deep in the path of an avalanche, making friends with wolves and learning to dodge raucous elk in Jasper National Park were part of the job for Nancy Sakovich (“Street legal” and “Top Cops”) .

Sakovich spent seven months on location in Jasper,Alberta, filming “Destiny Ridge” the one hour television drama series debuting across Canada the week of Nov. 27 on the Canwest Global System.
Sakovich plays park warden Julie Fryman in a series that promises passion and adventure in a national park. She and other principals Richard Comar (“Border Town”),Raoul Trujillo (“Black Robe”) and Elke Summers (“A Shot in the Dark”) did most of their own stunts.

She remembers Comar and Trujillo strapped under an evacuation helicopter. And she recalls floundering waist -deep through snow in one scene. “We couldn’t do any rehearsals for the scene. The snow had to be fresh for the cameras.” Speaking of being back in her Toronto home,Sakovich admits “It’s a nightmare. Instead of mountains there are these looming skyscrapers .” It’s hard getting used to riding in cars again, she says. While on location she walked everywhere in the tiny town of Jasper.
But Sakovich says she’s been prepping for her role since graduating from Trent University’s environmental Science program. “I’m a true method actor.” she jokes.

Her character Julie Fryman is a conservation biologist on “Destiny Ridge” And Sakovich loved being close to nature. “One of the characters in the show is the environment. There’s never been a show that shows the magnificence of Canada like this,” she says.





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