‘Twas a day brim full of drama at Laurentian

By Jackie Stencel,Ottawa Journal
January 8,1979


Friday, December 22 was a day of drama at Laurentian High School.
To celebrate the holiday season the Arts Guild presented York Nativity Play, and It was a great success.
With Deb Pirie as Mary and Darcy McLenaghan as Joseph, the Christmas story was portrayed yet again.
The scene that stole the show was the one in Herod’s court with Laurentian’s Infamous Rolland Jeddrie playing the conceited king in a talented performance. Herod’s son, portrayed by Stephen McCue, his queen, Nancy Sakovich, and his manipulative mother Janet Bower added a lot of humor to the play, helped by four over-zealous courtiers and the three gift-bearing kings.
Stage Manager Colleen Ryan proved the perfect narrator, and the singing solos of Melissa Johnstone, Joanne Levesque and Carol Paynter showed that Ottawa does Indeed have much local talent. All in all the performance must have pleased director Jane Moore, and made the magnificent efforts of those working on lighting, sound, props, costumes and others areas, seem worthwhile.
After the Nativity Play the student body was given an unexpected treat, produced by a number of Laurentian teachers. They presented a take off on the Cinderella theme, and kept their audience wild with laughter and surprise.
Announcer Mike Paradis must have found it hard to keep a straight face as he introduced Mary MacEachern as an overly-pretty version of the wicked stepmother. Equally unbelievable was the transformation of the poor suffering blonde Cinderella, Elizabeth Jurshevski to the brown haired belle of the ball, Shirley Connelly, but the terrific acting made up for any unrealistic elements.
Probably the most shocking part of the performance was the Introduction of the two ugly step-sisters. When Gordon Hauser and Bob Zacour began hugging eachother in sisterly affection the audience went into hysterics. It must have taken much courage on their part as well as a little improvising on their figures.
With Beverly Briggs as the good-hearted fairy godmother, Jean Kraemer as the court clown,, and Frank Allen and Mary Dubash as the king and queen, the entertainment remained great.
The audience was again stunned by the appearance of Raston Annand playing the prince and his page, Gary Burke, who were both clad in tights for the occasion. The performers attended the royal disco where they boogied down to the crowds delight, and a happy ending saw Elizabeth Jurshevski and Ralston Annand skipping off the end of the stage together. It was a fantastic performance from beginning to end, and one the students will not soon forget.


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