Psi Factor

Psi Factor:Chronicles of the Paranormal is a Canadian Science fiction/Drama TV Series,which hit the television with its 4 seasons’ run from 1996 to 2000.Filmed in and around Toronto,Ontario,it aired 88 episodes over 4 seasons.The stories on Psi Factor,are based on actual cases from the Office of Scientific Investigation and Research (OSIR),a private organization investigating paranormal phenomena.
The series is hosted by Dan Aykroid who presents each case at the episodes opening and closing.


Premiering in September of 1996,Psi Factor introduced us the Alpha Team,an elite research team investigating paranormal.The born leader Case Manager Connor Doyle,the dreamer Biologist Lindsay Donner,the rebel physicist Peter Axon,the believer psychiatrist Dr. Anton Hendrix,and the realist Clair Davison.
They all trust,count on each other, and use any tactic to solve the mysteries brought to OSIR.


More focused on the scientific aspect of the show,the first season investigated two unlinked cases per episode.starting the second season the format changes to one case per episode,letting viewers discover more about the characters.
In many cases the investigators solve the riddles.however,in some cases they find no logical explanation for what happened.


Psi Factor brought a new twist to the world of Sci-Fi (or Psi-Fi),showing off a different and unique aspect in this genre.
With exciting cases and a terrific cast,the show will change the way we look at reality.








Lindsay Donner


Nancy Anne Sakovich plays the role of Lindsay Donner,the self-described “hunter and gatherer of information” for the team. Daughter of a Nobel Prize-winning Chemist,Lindsay Donner rejected her silver spoon upbringing to live in the “real” world, traveling widely to learn about world cultures.
Having a double master in biology and psychology,she’s a passionate and involved field expert who uses her scientific and academic background to discover the truth.Donner believes sociology,anthropology,and behavioral psychology can solve most mysteries.

Although Donner comes from a very wealthy and privileged background,she can put on a backpack and travel the world to live with people in their own cultures,in order to study their traditions,customs and legends”, says Sakovich. “She’s fascinated by mysticism,mythology and how the ‘supernatural’ is intertwined with every day lives”

Donner is smart,zealous,and as a relatively new member of the team,she tends to raise uncomfortable questions concerning OSIR’s need for secrecy,and its secretive practices.
Highly independent,always challenging her fears,she’ll use any tactic to get the heart of a case.



Connor Doyle


Paul miller plays Professor Connor Doyle,the team’s easygoing and personable case manager. Doyle graduated from university with degrees in psychology and geophysics.he knows the OSIR manual through and through,having logged hundreds of hours investigating cases.

Doyle is a born leader who lives to work”,explains Miller.”He knows the OSIR manual inside out and has extensive experience ‘in the field’ , but realizes that occasionally the rules have to be bent for the sake of those experiencing a paranormal event”.

Doyle is a former Navy Commander.while serving in the navy,he and his team had a bizarre encounter in the Bermuda Triangle.only he and the executive officer survived the phenomenon.This led him to lead several expedition into the Bermuda zone,to “find the truth” lying out there in the ocean.
Doyle is that supportive and reliable leader who always gives his team members the opportunity to talk their opinion,and accepts suggestions from others.
When not ‘in the field’,Doyle spends his free-time playing bass guitar and singing with “Dog and Pony”,a blues band he formed with an old college buddy.
On the final episode of the first season,the team farewells to their much loved case manager and friend.Connor Doyle dies during an investigation in Arkhangelsk,Russia.his remains were never found.he sacrifices himself in attempt to save his team and kill a deadly parasite.




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