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Paul Douglas Miller was born on October 30,1960, in Montreal. A native Canadian, he has also lived in Europe and US,spending most of his adult life in Canada.
He studied at Macalester liberal arts college in Saint Paul,Minnesota.he first tried student teaching,but then he decided he didn’t like it. so he followed his dream into the world of acting.
He studied acting at Montreal’s national theater school (aka National Theatre School of Canada),and graduated in 1987.

following his passion,he participated in various theatrical products.he soon became a veteran stage actor.joining the Stratford Festival,he has performed in many Shakespeare’s stages,such as Hamlet,Macbeth,Othello,Romeo&Juliet and Much Ado about nothing.He says of acting

The first break was probably becoming a member of the Stratford Festival company“.

His favorite “medium” is theater, explaining

I love it because its stories are based in language” “I hope I will always have the opportunity to work on Shakespeare’s plays.I love language“.

Dividing his time between stage and camera,Paul has appeared on many movies and TV shows as well, including principle roles in TV movies such as Custody of the Heart,Challenger documentary and The Good Witch movies,a lead role on the short film Roadkill Travelogue, recurring roles in Traders and Degrassi,and many guest appearances in such shows as Due South,Sue Thomas: FBI, and The Firm.
His best known role is as the series lead,Case manager Professor Connor Doyle,in SciFi TV series “Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal”.
He also has lend his voice to several commercials including Honda and Mercedes Benz.
Paul enjoys listening to music.he is also quite an accomplished musician himself. He plays several instruments including acoustic guitar,banjo and fiddle

I quite like Irish and old time Fiddle music.I also like Blues and Classical music“.

His other favorite activities include cycling and cross-country ski. He also likes outdoors.if he didn’t work as an actor , he would have chosen a profession that allowed him to work outdoors.He is a lover of animals,especially dogs,and he owns a Puppy.


Paul has two sisters,and his sisters live in the US.
He currently spends time with his family, residing in Toronto,where he also works on set, usually appearing as guest stars or principles on Toronto-filmed movies and TV shows. When not on location,he might also spend time visiting family in the US.”



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